Vega Therapy for Allergy

Most likely essentially the most thrilling improvement to have developed in recent times, is an digital process for detecting all allergy circumstances. It’s of specific use in revealing masked allergic reactions and is secure, quick, easy and environment friendly. It’s referred to as Vega Remedy and makes use of digital gear, manufactured by the VEGA Grieshaber Company, of West Germany.

Within the early a part of this century, Dr Hamish Boyd, of Glasgow, famous that if a substance was introduced into collection in circuit, to which the affected person was related, a change in pores and skin impedance was produced. Boyd’s discovery was the topic of a authorities inquiry, however nothing additional got here of it. Then, within the 1950s, a German physician, Reinholdt Voll, developed Boyd’s concept and, with the assistance of digital gear, developed a helpful, however extremely advanced, method to diagnose illness. Extra just lately, Dr Helmut Schimmel, additionally of West Germany, simplified Dr Voll’s method and improved the cumbersome gear to that of a small transportable, digital unit, often known as the VEGA TEST.

Dr Julian Kenyon, of Britain, has developed a extremely environment friendly method for diagnosing allergic reactions, utilizing the VEGA TEST gear. He describes his method as follows:

The noticed truth of modifications in pores and skin impedance, supplies a helpful method within the discipline of meals and chemical sensitivity. Subsequently, the method can be utilized for seasonal allergy quiz testing. In apply, some extent is taken on the fingers or toes, (these are websites the place main electrical exchanges occur, between the physique and its surroundings, this being largely because of the geometry of fingers and toes, in that they’re comparatively pointed and, due to this fact, cost accumulation happens on the ideas of the digits). A related acupuncture level is chosen, though it does not seem essential to decide on any particular level. One after the other, the suspected allergens are launched into the circuit, and every time a brand new measurement is made. Any substance which causes a drop in measured resistance, is labelled as allergic, or extra appropriately, within the discipline of medical ecology, as ‘delicate’, so far as the affected person is worried.

In medical apply, the strategies give the appropriate reply 9 occasions out of ten, which represents a greater success fee, than essentially the most profitable technique for analysis of meals and chemical sensitivities, obtainable thus far, that of Cytotoxic testing. Immunological exams such because the RAST take a look at, (IgE take a look at) for analysis of meals and chemical sensitivity; are notoriously inaccurate. These medical doctors who adhere to those exams in a cussed style, don’t seem like conscious, that the outcomes from such exams are sometimes irrelevant, to the affected person. The inaccuracy of pores and skin testing, notably for meals, has been amply demonstrated, by many research carried out in America, as early because the 1950s.

The existence modifications round organic buildings,and their significance each in well being and illness, is slowly turning into acknowledged, however to ensure that this essential research to develop additional, nearer co-operation between physicists, digital engineers and medical scientists must come about.

The essential work carried out on this discipline is described by Dr Ion Dumitrescu, of Rumania, in his e-book, Electrographic Imaging in Medication and Biology. So far, Dr Kenyon has educated a number of hundred medical doctors, in the UK, in using the VEGATEST for allergy analysis.. He has additionally lectured all through Europe, America and Asia, to a number of thousand extra medical doctors who’re genuinely interested by serving to sufferers overcome a number of allergy sickness.

An awesome benefit of the VEGA TEST technique is that it might probably detect any allergic substance, whether or not or not it’s meals, chemical, airborne, environmental or no matter. Not solely that, however it might probably additionally measure the diploma of sensitivity – one thing which no different allergy take a look at can do.

Prognosis is the important thing to allergy sickness. As soon as the meals/chemical substances have been detected, avoidance will normally allow the affected person to recuperate rapidly. It’s completely inconceivable to understand, if you find yourself staggering by life underneath the lethal weight of allergy sickness, simply how fantastic and alert it’s attainable to really feel, inside just a few quick days or perhaps weeks, of profitable analysis and avoidance. Prognosis is the important thing and, in Australia, for most individuals, it’s a very elusive key certainly!

The excellent news for chemical allergy victims is that, as soon as analysis is achieved, it’s attainable for medical ecologists, reminiscent of Dr Kenyon, to change off some allergic reactions, by the use of desensitizing drops or injections. Nonetheless, this technique is just not very profitable for treating meals allergic reactions. Avoidance is by far the perfect.

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